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5 Places To Find Health Insurance For The Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act changed the health insurance requirements and mandated health insurance. If you fail to purchase the insurance you will have to pay a fine. It is important to get health insurance quickly, since the fine is prorated and you can save money by getting health insurance quickly. Learn where to look for a health insurance policy that will meet the guidelines.

Health Exchanges Through Your State

One way to find qualifying health insurance is to use the health exchanges set up by the government. You can use the exchanges to find out if you qualify for help purchasing your insurance. The exchanges can be confusing and it can take a long time to sort through and register for a policy.

Parents' Plan

If you are in college still or a young professional, you may still qualify to be on your parents' insurance policy. This can save you money and the fine. You are allowed to stay on your parents' insurance policy until you are twenty-six years old. Another option is to see if your university offers a health insurance policy. This may be more affordable than purchasing your own policy. 

Employer Health Insurance

If you work full-time, you likely qualify for health insurance through your employer. All of these insurance policies will qualify under the Affordable Care Act. Often this is the most affordable option, since many employers subsidize the premiums for their employees. You should consider this option or even switching jobs to find an employer that will offer you health insurance. The premiums are taken out before your taxes, which can help to lower your taxable income.

Insurance Agency

Another option is to go to an independent insurance agency. An agency will compare health insurance policies from several different companies to help you find the most affordable option. Additionally, your agent can help you make sure that the policy you choose will count as coverage under the Affordable Care Act. If you qualify for the tax credit to help you pay for health insurance, you can still use it with one of these policies.

Health Insurance Company

Many health insurance companies offer the opportunity to purchase the health insurance directly from them. However, not all of the policies they offer may qualify under the Affordable Care Act. You can look for health insurance companies online. It is important to make sure you choose a company that is easy for you to use in your area. Some companies do not have very many doctors in-network in parts of the state and you should make sure you choose a policy that is easy to use.