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5 Simple Strategies To Help You Afford Your Auto Insurance Premiums

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Auto insurance can be expensive to buy and seem like a luxury you cannot afford. Never skimp out on your auto insurance though. As it may not be possible for you to get a second income, here are five simple strategies to help you afford your auto insurance premiums. 

1. Use Professionals in Training

People still learning their trade will often offer their services at a cheaper rate. Get your hair cut or beauty treatments done for free or at a reduced cost at local colleges or beauty schools. Training laborers such as plumbers and electricians may offer their services cheaper. It is worth asking any professional in training for a discount.

2. Make Your Credit Cards and Bank Work For You

Take advantage of rewards offered by credit cards. Many offer 0% interest so move any balances to them and save on interest payments. Some offer cash back on what you buy. When you get your cash back, put it in your savings account. Check your bank statements and make sure you are not paying lots of avoidable charges each month. Some accounts may also offer rewards like mobile phone insurance or a credit payment for switching to them. 

3. Do Your Grocery Shopping At the End of the Day

By the evening, most grocery stores will have reduced the cost of some of their products with the shortest shelf life. Bread and milk can cost cents rather than dollars. If you can freeze any of the reduced price items available, you can buy them in bulk and increase your savings.

4. Get Free Samples - Of Everything!

Take advantage of free samples. Department stores may hand out samples of personal care products like aftershaves or facial creams. Grocery stores may offer samples of new products they have released, such as laundry detergent and even food items. You can use wallpaper samples as wrapping paper or frame them as artwork in your home. You could also take condiment sachets, straws and napkins home from meals out to use at home.

5. Pick Up Any Coins That You Find

There are often small value coins left on the street. You may have a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in a few old, yet valuable coins. Collect any coins you find and set aside any odd looking ones. Make yourself familiar with a coin collecting website to browse for coins of interest. 

Making these small changes in your day to day life could make a big difference, allowing you to make your money go further. These strategies are just a few ideas that you can save enough money to cover your auto insurance costs.