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Taking Your Classic Car On The Road: Three Things To Remember

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Owning a classic car can be a lifelong dream for car enthusiasts, but there are a few things you'll want to remember before you take your car out on the road. Use this guide to prepare for your trip and ensure that your car will give you years of use.

Purchase The Right Auto Insurance Services

Rules for insuring classic cars can be tricky. Auto insurance services for these types of cars depend largely on the age of your vehicle and what you will be using it for. You'll first need to determine if you have a classic, vintage or collector's car. This is determined by the age of the vehicle, and each insurance company may have different parameters for the car's designation. Your insurance provider can help you determine which group your car falls under. If your vehicle will be used primarily at car shows and in parades, you can purchase insurance that covers the vehicle's actual value. If the car will be used as your primary mode of transportation, your risk of being involved in an accident is greater. This means your insurance company will likely have you sign up for traditional insurance, which won't protect the value of the car.

Take Precautions To Protect Your Vehicle

If you are traveling to a car show, festival or parade, consider hiring a car transportation service that can move your vehicle in an enclosed trailer. This is a good idea if you aren't used to driving a truck or large vehicle, and it can provide an extra level of protection for your car. Vehicle transportation services carry insurance that protects your investment in the event of an accident, so you can recover the value of your car if it is lost, damaged or stolen. Be sure to ask about the insurance coverage before you hire a company to move your vehicle. If you will be driving your car to your final destination, be sure to obey the speed limit and practice defensive driving tactics to keep your car as safe as possible.

Take Precautions When Parking

Parking a classic car while you grab a meal or spend the night at a hotel can be scary. Curious people passing by may want to stop and touch your car or take pictures with it. While they may be well-meaning, they may accidentally damage the car. Your vehicle will also stand out as a target for theft due to its high resale value. When possible, park the car where you can keep an eye on it. When staying at a hotel, ask for a room with a view of the parking lot, and try to park as close to any building as possible when stopping for food. The more people there are around and the easier it is for you to monitor the car, the harder it will be for someone to damage or steal it.

Of course, the safest place for your classic car is your garage, but keeping it locked away means you won't be able to enjoy it. Before you take your car out for a spin or take it to a car show or parade, be sure you have the right insurance and take precautions to keep the vehicle safe.