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Check To See If You Qualify For Lower Auto Insurance Rates After Getting Married

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You shouldn't be discussing auto insurance on your wedding night, but soon afterwards you should contact an independent auto insurance agent. Not only will you need to add your spouse to your auto policy, but you two may also qualify for lower auto insurance rates after you say "I do." Most auto insurers offer married couples lower rates than they give single individuals, and you'll want to see whether you and your spouse can save on your monthly premiums.

Couples Often Qualify for Lower Rates

BloombergBusiness explains that married couples are offered lower auto insurance rates because they're less likely than singles to be in a car accident. There are several reasons why married people may be safer drivers:

  • settling down may make people less aggressive
  • couples starting families might move from cities to suburbs, where there is less traffic
  • married drivers might be concerned about their spouse's safety

Whatever the reason, lower accident rates correlate to fewer insurance claims, which saves insurance companies money. Insurers are willing to pass on some of their savings to married policyholders.

How Much Couples Save Varies

While all married couples can save on auto insurance, the amount they save varies. How much your auto insurance rates decrease when you get married will depend on what you're already paying. Your potential savings will be affected by all of the factors that actuarials consider when determining rates, including the following:

  • your gender, age and driving record
  • your state
  • your insurance company

Because auto insurers calculate these risk factors differently, they all will quote different rates. BloombergBusiness found that people who were married paid between 8 and 22 percent less for auto insurance, depending on the company they were insured with.

Contact an Independent Auto Insurance Agent

In order to find out what company will offer you the biggest discount on auto insurance after your married, contact an independent auto insurance agent who is licensed in your state. Unlike agents who work for a specific insurer, independent agents are free to get quotes from any insurer in your state. In just a few moments, they can pull a quote from every insurance company that will offer you a policy—and you can select the one that offers the best savings.

Saving 8 to 22 percent on your auto insurance won't pay for your wedding, but it'll financially help you as you start life as a married couple. It's worth calling an independent auto insurance agent (like those at Woodmansee Insurance Inc) after your wedding to lower your auto insurance rates.