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Are You An Immigrant Shopping For Auto Insurance? Know These 3 Things

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It can be a challenge as an immigrant to get a driver's license as well as the necessary auto insurance. The good news is that if you are able to legally drive a car in the US, getting auto insurance should be possible, though there may be some difficulties throughout the process. Be aware of these 3 things when it comes to getting auto insurance.

You Must Have A US Driver's License

Your main prerequisite required for auto insurance within the US is having a valid driver's license. It is actually acceptable if the license is from another territory, like Guam. You do not need to have a social security number either. Receiving a license should involve a trip to your local DMV and providing basic information.

Parents without a driver's license looking to purchase a vehicle for a child will have to get a license. If not, then the vehicle and needs to be completely in their child's name since they are the only licensed driver.

You Won't Have A Detailed Driving Record

Be aware that your driving record associated with your home country will not transfer to the US. This means that insurance companies will view you are a person who just got their driver's license. It could potentially affect your premiums, especially if you are a young driver, because an insurance company will not know what kind of driver you are. Even if you never had a ticket or an accident in your home country, there is no way to let a US insurance company know that.

Keep in mind that car insurance premiums do go down the longer you have a license and a safe driving record. Those higher premiums shouldn't be there forever.

Your Insurance Application Could Be Rejected

Since this will be your first time getting auto insurance, you may face a roadblock that causes you to be rejected. That is because some states have laws that allow insurers to reject applicants that have never had auto insurance in the past. It may involve some more work to find an auto insurance company that is willing to ensure you, but it is still possible. Don't let the initial rejection deter you from getting insurance.

Now that you know these three things, you will be aware of what to expect when it comes to getting auto insurance as an immigrant. Reach out to a local agent to get a quote on how much it will cost to be insured.

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