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Recently Get A DUI? Know How It Affects Your Car Insurance

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Once you have been convicted of a DUI, it can be difficult getting back on the open road. The first roadblock you'll run into is getting car insurance. By knowing how your car insurance is affected by a DUI, you'll know what to expect.

Know About SR22 Auto Insurance 

Part of being allowed to drive again after your DUI will be getting SR22 insurance, which is a certificate that ensures financial responsibility. Do not let the name fool you, since it is not an actual form of insurance. It is actually a proof of insurance that states you're meeting all the requirements due to your DUI. 

You'll need to get car insurance after your DUI, and not all insurance companies will want to take the risk of insuring you. This proof of insurance will be sent to the DMV to verify that you are insured before you can get your license back.

If you do not get any traffic violations or into any accidents, the requirements of needing SR22 insurance will go away after at least 3 years depending on your state.

Be Prepared For Higher Insurance Rates

It's common for any driving infraction to cause an increase in your car insurance premiums, which is especially true when it comes to a DUI. Your conviction shows that you are more at risk for getting into an accident, and you will see your rates increase because of it. 

Expect to pay higher rates as long as the DUI is on your record. While 5 years is typically the bare minimum, some states can keep the DUI on your record for up to 12 years. 

Know That Your Existing Policy May Be Dropped

Be aware that it's entirely possible for your auto insurance company to deny you coverage by dropping your existing policy at any time. Even if you received SR22 insurance from them for your initial DUI, sequential DUIs could make you a very high-risk driver and result in a denial of coverage. Some states even contact the DMV to notify them that coverage has been dropped or if the SR22 insurance has expired. This can put you in a bind of needing to find new insurance quickly from a new insurance provider if you need to keep driving.

For more info on how a DUI affects your auto insurance, don't be afraid to speak to your agent. Getting a heads up on what will happen will better prepare you for the consequences. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like http://www.village-insurance.com.