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Teenager Driver? Here's How To Reduce Auto Insurance Costs

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Although you are probably really excited about and proud of the fact that your teenage son or daughter is finally able to drive, you might not be looking forward to the notorious cost of insuring a teenager. Even though it is true that most auto insurance companies do charge more for high-risk drivers – such as young teens who have little to no experience on the road – you shouldn’t automatically assume that you’re going to have to spend a fortune. Read More»

Protect Yourself With Travel Insurance

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When you travel, you may think that you do not need any extra insurance coverage. Your health and auto insurance will take care of anything that could come up and you won’t have to worry. Some think that obtaining travel insurance will just be an extra cost that won’t pay off. However, this is not true at all. People who travel without travel insurance quickly learn that the benefits outweigh the costs. Read More»

4 Easy Ways To Save On Your Car Insurance

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Car insurance can sometimes be really expensive. If there is more than one person in your family that needs auto insurance coverage, like from Savage & McPherson Insurance, then this can make it even more difficult to afford. Fortunately though, there are a wide variety of different ways that you can save money on this particular bill.  1. Keep A Clean Driving Record  Your car insurance rates can increase substantially if you have a poor driving record due to speeding tickets or accidents. Read More»

The Top 3 Legal Responsibilities Of Car Ownership Every Teen Should Know

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Owning your vehicle is a huge responsibility, so if you’re buying your teen his or her own car, it is important to teach them the three most important responsibilities of owning a car. There are certain laws that every car owner must adhere to if they want to keep their driver’s license and avoid legal problems after an accident.  Car Registration When you own a vehicle, you must register it in your name right away. Read More»