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Got Road Rage? Control It Before You Get Into An Auto Accident And Raise Your Insurance Premium

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Sixty-six percent of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving (road rage). It can be hard sometimes keeping your cool while driving, especially if someone cuts in front of you, follows too closely behind you, or almost causes you to have a wreck. Honking or flashing lights may also bother you. Once the rage sets in, your mind may be more on your rage than on your driving. This can easily cause you to have a wreck. Below are some tips on how to handle this rage, as well as how it impacts your insurance premiums if you get into a wreck.

Tips for Controlling Your Road Rage

To help control your road rage, make sure you get enough sleep. Many people cannot handle stress as well when they are tired and are simply cranky. This can make you prone to feeling annoyed and angry. How much sleep you need each night depends on how old you are. If you are having problems sleeping, you should see your doctor. It could be due to a medical problem.  Leave your house on time so you are not hurried.

Some people believe that listening to aggressive music makes the driver aggressive, but this may or may not be true according to some studies. It does make sense to listen to relaxing music, such as jazz or classical, if you're feeling stressed. You could also listen to an audiobook.

How Road Rage Can Affect Your Insurance Premiums

When your insurance company sets your car insurance premium, part of this decision is based on your driving history, such as how many accidents you have been in. If you are in an accident and it has been deemed that it is your fault, your insurance premium may go up. This likely depends on how many accidents you have been in, however. If this is your first accident, your premiums may or may not be increased.  Your insurance may also restrict coverage if you have a wreck due to road rage.

After a certain amount of time of no wrecks, your insurance company may lower your premiums again. How long this is depends on your insurance company. They may lower the premium amount gradually over a period of time.

If you continue to feel rage while you are driving, you may want to seek the help of a therapist to help you deal with it to keep you safe, and your insurance premiums low. If you have questions about insurance, visit Butler & Messier Insurance.