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Working With An Insurance Broker: What To Expect

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Like most people, you want to protect your possessions and your life against any remote possibility of damage or loss. Policies for all of the above from a insurance provider (like Bear River Insurance) can be purchased through several insurance brokers. If you have never worked with an insurance broker before, here is what you can expect.

More Than One Kind of Insurance

When you work with a broker, there are dozens of different kinds of insurance. Even more obscure policies for covering things like farm equipment or protection against animal attacks and/or stampedes of wild animals are available for purchase. Thankfully, most customers are only looking for the basics, so then the next thing that the broker does is look for a company that provides you with the coverage you want for the price you need.

More Than One Insurance Company

A broker is not an insurance agent in the traditional sense. He or she does not sell the insurance products of just one company but several. The broker has access to dozens of national and local insurance companies and can easily do a side-by-side comparison of the policies, what they can offer you and what they will cost up front for your policy versus your deductible when you need to file a clam. If you already have a personal preference for a few insurance companies, your broker can help you figure out what the best possible deal is out of your preferred providers.

Credit Checks

Many insurance companies now require a credit check. Good credit means that you will get a much better deal on your policy than someone with bad credit. If your credit score is less than desirable, your broker can look for insurance companies that do not ask for a credit score or credit check. However, it may pay off to have your credit score checked anyway, since there may be an insurance policy that requires your score but gives you a better deal on your policy than the companies that do not require a credit check.

Office Visit or Phone Conference Required

Another major difference between a broker and a direct insurance policy purchase is that brokers cannot offer online services or policy purchasing on their website. Because the broker has access to all of the different types of insurance different insurance companies, a quote or a policy cannot be given or bought on the broker's business page. You will need to schedule an in-office appointment or set aside some time for a phone conference so that you and your broker can discuss your specific needs and your price range for all of the policies you need.